_DSC3277Over the last 10 years Martin Allin Strandgaard has made electronic music for various occasions. Productions spread from sound-art installations to TechHouse DJ’ing at nightclubs to composing custom sound design and music for commercial films.

Alongside his musical career, Strandgaard is half of the creative duo DUENDE, where he has edited several international TV and web commercials. Most projects includes him making music and editing the film simultaneously, which puts him in control of both audio and visuals and gives him a unique skill set to understand the strong correlation between the two. This view of the post-production as a holistic process is the core of Martin’s work.

No matter which project Strandgaard always seek to make his music or sound design authentic, clear and different. This is done with an extraordinary dedication to perfecting technical repertoire and developing aesthetic visions in corporation with other creatives on any given project.

Strandgaard’s sound is a young and fresh approach to the possibilities of sound and music. It spands from quiet and elegant classical music to pushy minimal techno, always with that extra unexpected level that makes everything come together.