12325515_10154099681764658_1108309768_oViktor Sloth is a Danish photographer and director with the world as his office.

Directing and shooting with a unique and distinguished eye for composition and visual storytelling, Sloth is behind campaigns for a number of esteemed names and brands all over the world.

An image is not just an image. A film is not just a film. It’s a combination of emotions, feelings, moods, lighting and shadows. Sloth captures all of these elements and combines them in his work.
He is raw, noisy, rough and gloomy. He is vulnerable, intimate, elaborate and extravagant. He works with vivid colours and strong contrasts. Common for his work is his extraordinary ability to create a distinguished, but subtle connection to his objects. Every image and every frame carries his personal imprint.

Sloth does not only portray people, places or different situations. He conveys feelings of spirit and soul, which embrace the present moment, taking every frame, every image beyond the ordinary. Whether he is working with photography or living pictures, he breathes life into his art. Every piece of work tells a story.

The inspiration for his art comes from many places, but most of all from music, nature and people. In his work, Sloth travels the world and seeks out to explore the unexplored and see the unseen. Inspired by everything he sees and everyone he meets, he has developed his own artistic language, which translates into a certain cinematic feeling in his work, varying between fashion shoots in NY, LA or Europe, commercials for different artists and documenting volunteer work in Nepal.