Mads Teglers is an old school analogue photographer who spent his fledgling years in darkrooms, where he mastered the process of developing the unique look on his photography. This schooling has given him the capability to be a dedicated craftsman with an astonishing, simple technique and talent.

Teglers has a passion for history, art and culture. Through his work he enjoys travelling, experimenting and finding new ways of exploring the world. He loves working with people and telling their story through his eyes and camera. This adds a true and honest feeling to his work.

His photos are emotional and strong, yet playful and humorous in his own understated way.

Teglers is a modest photographer, who has a strong individual style that differentiates his photos within the field of photography. He is a sought after portrait and art photographer and has framed great personalities and celebrities in his own personal style.

Furthermore, Teglers is Photo Editor at S Magazine.