Klaus Thymann PortraitVisual extraordinaire, Klaus Thymann is an award winning photographer, filmmaker, creative director and world explorer in disguise, whose artistry is guided by beauty and rawness in all their forms. Showing a profound interest in the arts from an early age while photographing tourists around Copenhagen at only 14 years of age, so began his fascination of all forms of media and its creation.

Between co-founding Virus Magazine, a biannual publication featuring in-depth writing and highly documented features, and the crowd sourced glacier archive, Project Pressure in 2008, he has managed to expand his craft of what he loves doing most into all of his creative journeys and artistic practices. Not only being the youngest person ever to be awarded with the Scandinavian Kodak Gold Award in 1996, he is also the 1997 Bronze Winner at Cannes Advertising Festival and the 2013 winner of the Sony World Photography Award.

Thymann reveals a deeply held interest in the act of exploring and mapping – both in the physical sense and in a more conceptual manner – seeking out new practices and experimenting with new techniques and approaches. His affinity lies with fine art photography and documentary photography where a refined approach is needed in order to make a powerful statement and hopefully inspire others to greater action and engagement.

Appearing in some of the most representational publications of today’s media, including BBC, CNN, British Journal of Photography, Dazed & Confused, GQ, i-D, New York Times, Rolling Stones, Monocle, The Guardian and The Observer, Thymann is not one to shy away from aligning fashion photography brilliance with his strong philanthropic persona.